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Saturday, June 8, 2024


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For many years the Blake Van Winkle Memorial Race was one of the Toronto’s most popular offshore competitions. The Blake Van Winkle Trophy was the premier award and after a hiatus of too many decades, the race and the prize will be brought back to life as a 7 - 11NM pursuit race.

This form of competition is very popular with beginners and experts as it does away with competitive start lines. Instead, racers will be given a designated start time and will cross the line one-by-one or alongside boats with the identical rating, slower boats leading the way.  The objective is to catch and pass those in front while staying out of your pursuers’ reach.

The Blake Van Winkle Pursuit Race will build on a legacy established in the last century and marks a return to competition that is accessible, fair and fun.  We hope you will come out to write the next chapter.




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Start Times Final as of 2024-06-07 16:45 EDT CLICK HERE  All boats racing as NFS!

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