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Dinghies Available to Adult Learn to Sail Members

Thanks to the generous and continued support from our members, QCYC has 3 sailboats (two 420s and one Pico) available for the use of Senior and Adult Learn to Sail Members. They can be used for Wednesday night racing or informal sailing practice on any day of the week.

Guidelines for Dinghy Usage



Any person using or in charge of a club boat must be a Senior Member or Adult LTS Dinghy Program Member. All those wishing to use the Club’s dinghies must have acquired a CANSail 2 level or equivalent, or demonstrate the equivalent competency.

Usage of Club boats is determined on a rotational shared basis, and allocations are granted at the sole discretion of the LTS Director.  

1. Before using a Club boat: it is the responsibility of the member, or the person making the booking, to ensure that the LTS Director is advised of any problems or damage to the boat before going sailing. In the event that club personnel are not in attendance, please report the damage both in the logbook, located in the QCYC Paddleboard Box, and by leaving a message on the club’s answering machine. 

2. Club boats may NOT be used during racing, training or informal sailing practice if the wind is consistently over 20 knots in the 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the session or race. In the event that wind increases during the session to consistently 20 knots, every effort should be made for the sailor to return to shore as quickly and safely as possible. 

3. Buoyancy aids and PFDs MUST be worn at ALL times by ALL people onboard club boats. 

4. There are two 420s and one Pico available for use and located in the LTS Dinghy Park. They are marked with QCYC burgee decals on the bow. ONLY the 420s marked “ARP” (boat 6) and “BESSIE” (boat 7), as well as the GREY Pico are available. DO NOT RIG OR USE ANY OTHER BOATS!

5. The Club boat must be washed down, drained of all water and derigged with proper stowage of the boat and all equipment. Hose off any weeds or dirt and drain all the water from the boats. Every effort should be made to leave the sails DRY and in their sail bags.


Borrowing Procedure:

1) SIGN YOUR QCYC DINGHY WAIVER.* The forms are in the box marked “QCYC Paddleboard Box,” located near the boards on the dinghy racks. Place signed waivers in the “Dinghy Signed Waiver” envelope. You can also download and print a waiver here

*Note: Signup will be periodically checked to ensure all participants have submitted a waiver. Failure to complete a waiver will result in loss of use of this amenity. Waivers must be completed by parents for children under 18.

2) Use Signup for your desired time slot. Use your camera to scan the QR code on signage near the “Paddleboard Box” to access the signup page or click this link.

Note: It’s easier to plan ahead: Sign up ahead of time so you don’t have to bring your cellphone on the water. Remember to cancel your Signup if your plans change, just like the tender.

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