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The following are web sites that are of potential interest to cruisers. This web page contains the following sections:

  1. Lake Ontario Coordination and Cooperation Organizations
  2. Cruising Associations, Clubs and Organizations
  3. Other Resources

Lake Ontario Coordination and Cooperation Organizations


Lake Ontario Club Cruising Association (LOCCA)

LOCCA enhances and supports yacht club cruising programs, provides a platform to discuss issues of importance to boaters, their respective yacht clubs and to hosting clubs, as well as coordinate club cruises on the greater Lake Ontario. LOCCA will strive to be inclusive in order to address the issues of all boaters. Ontario Sailing performs a coordination and administration role for LOCCA. To access the LOCCA web site CLICK HERE.

Cruising Associations, Clubs and Organizations


Great Lakes Cruising Club (GLCC)

The club has more than 2,500 members in the U.S. and Canada. We are known to be a friendly bunch of serious boaters, who warmly welcome new members. We are willing to share our love of the lakes and our knowledge about how to cruise them.To access the GLCC web site CLICK HERE.

The GLCC runs the Great Lakes Cruising Club School that The Great Lakes Cruising Club School (GLCCSchool.com) offers a variety of live internet-based webinars and webinar recordings on virtually all topics related to Great Lakes cruising plus sail and power cruising skills. These live webinars and recordings are available for viewing by GLCC members and non-members alike. To access the GLCC School web site CLICK HERE.

America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association (AGLCA)

AGLCA's mission is to assists boaters in all facets of their high-adventure, low-risk, long-distance journey around the Great Loop. In that regard, we provide indispensable support to and among members and sponsors as they dream about, plan for, and cruise the Great Loop. To access the AGLCA web site CLICK HERE

Cruising Club of America (CCA)

The CCA has long been considered a reliable authority on ocean sailing, and its members are considered leaders in developing and codifying best practices of the sport. Their passion for ocean voyaging has led to a body of collective knowledge that the membership freely shares in seminars, local discussion groups and has documented in books, magazine articles and digital presentations on a variety of topics. To access the GLCC School web site CLICK HERE.

Ocean Cruising Club (OCC)

The Ocean Cruising Club exists to encourage long-distance sailing in small boats and is the true 'Home Port' for the ocean-going sailor. Every full member has made a 1,000-nautical mile offshore passage in a vessel of 70 feet or less; associate members are committed to the achievement of that goal. To access the OCC School web site CLICK HERE

World Cruising Club (WCC)

World Cruising Club is the world's leading sailing rally specialist, with nine distinct rallies taking place every year - ARC, ARC Plus, World ARC, ARC Europe and ARC Portugal. From round-the-world adventures and ocean crossings, to social cruising and island hopping, there is something for everyone. o access the WCC web site CLICK HERE.

Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA)

To provide valuable support and fellowship to current, future and former cruisers. To access the SSCA web site CLICK HERE.

Boat Watch

The mission of BoatWatch.org is to maintain a worldwide network of resources to aid mariners that are missing or overdue; have a boat stolen; or to whom urgent messages need to be relayed. To access the Boat Watch web site CLICK HERE.

Caribbean Safety and Security Net (CSSN)

CSSN’s primary mission is the collection and dissemination of accurate information about crimes against yachts in the Caribbean. We also provide for some basic precautions based on broadly collected cruiser input, often as a result of lessons learned by victims during an incident. To access the CSSBN web site CLICK HERE.

Other Resources

Border Crossing

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

Video Resources

America's Boating Channel CLICK HERE