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The Queen City Yacht Club “QCYC”, in partnership with Sail Canada and Ontario Sailing, is committed to providing everyone involved in the sport of sailing a safe and welcoming environment in which to participate. As we work towards ensuring as positive safe and inclusive environment Sail Canada and Ontario Sailing have created a policy package to set the expectations for safe sport across the country. QCYC has adopted the Safe Sport policy package.

The principal policy for individuals having interactions with sailing is the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct has expectations for behaviour to promote a positive sailing experience.

  1. Introduction and Introduction & Overview
  2. Definitions
  3. Code of Conduct
  4. Protection Policy
  5. Screening Policy
  6. Social Media Policy
  7. Whistleblower Policy
  8. Appeal Policy
  9. Discipline and Complaints Policy
  10. Dispute Resolution Policy

Appendix: Universal Code of Conduct to prevent and address Maltreatment in Sport v6.0 (UCCMS)