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Whether you live on the island or in the city, and no matter what your reason for coming to QCYC, you must register on the QCYC SignUp. Everyone — members launching their boats, members doing flood work or any other work, staff, outside contractors, members and family visiting their boats at a mooring, etc. — must register.

Screening for All Club Visits

In addition to registering on Sign-Up, every person (members, staff, contractors and visitors)  coming to the club must complete a COVID-19 screen prior to coming to the club EACH AND EVERY DAY.

Go to https://covid-19.ontario.ca/screening/worker/ and complete the survey. Once you have completed the screen, email the result to screen@qcyc.ca

This is a government mandated requirement.

How to Register on the QCYC Signup App

Go to the QCYC SignUp Group Page: https://signup.com/go/uXdUqJa

  • - If you wish to come to the island via the Algonquin Queen II (starting April 9), click on the QCYC Algonquin Queen SignUp. Capacity is 18 people per run (plus Captain and Mate).
  • - If you are coming to the club by other means (e.g., ferry, water taxis, from island home, by dinghy), click on the QCYC Club Visit SignUp. This is so if someone becomes sick, we can trace everyone who might have come into contact with that person.

How to Use the SignUps

  • - When prompted, enter your name, email address and phone number
  • - Select the date you are coming
  • - If booking the

    ferry, select a specific departure

  • - Optional: Add a comment about your reason for coming, e.g., "launching my boat”, “flood work”, “general cleanup in the yard”, “returning to my boat at the club”, etc.
  • - Click "Sign Up"
  • - After you’ve signed up, your initials will appear, and you’ll see a button called “My Spots”
  • - Sign up each person. Click on Edit Spot under My Spots. Type the name of each companion in the name field (over-writing your own name). The system will present 2 options “Create a New Participant” or “Update an existing participant”. Click “Create a new participant.” Alternatively, you can forward the link to your companion who can then go into the system and sign up.
  • - After you sign up for one or more sessions, you should receive an email from SignUp.com confirming the slots you signed up for.

Here’s an example. I have signed up myself and one other for the 8 AM AQII on June 20. (Note that the AQII is not running during the winter.)

Note that in this example “Filled” column for the 8 AM AQII now shows "2 of 12". That means only 10 spots available on that run. I’ve added a comment.


Coming Via Ferry

  1. When you get to the ticket booth to buy your ticket, identify yourself as a Queen City member.
  2. Wear a mask and maintain social distancing while at ferry dock, on ferry, and walking to the club.
  3. No need to register for return ferry

Your Responsibility

  1. Be safe. Wear a mask and maintain social distancing.
  2. The responsibility for signing up (yourself and your family members in your social circle) is YOURS. Please don’t ask me to sign you up. (Much as I’d like to help everyone, I simply don’t have the time.) If you’re having a problem, ask your tech-smart friend.
  3. Read the latest Covid-19 Protocol on QCYC website and accept the terms for coming to the club.