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Privacy Officer, Jeff Imai

QCYC collects information from members, employees and prospective members that is personally identifiable, including names, addresses, email addresses, boat names, and phone numbers, which may not be publicly available otherwise (“Personal Information”).

QCYC is committed (i) to protecting the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information; and (ii) to maintaining this Personal Information as accurately, completely and in as up to date a manner as possible. The collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information shall be with the consent of the individual.

QCYC shall collect, use and disclose Personal Information only for the purpose of QCYC’s objects and shall not otherwise share collected Personal Information with third parties, unless specifically authorized to do so, or unless required bylaw. QCYC may publish Personal Information in the QCYC Roster, distribute the QCYC Roster to QCYC members, and may use email addresses for communication of QCYC information, notices and events to QCYC members.

The Board of QCYC shall adopt a Privacy Policy and may amend the Privacy Policy from time to time.

The Board of QCYC shall appoint from time to time a Senior Member in good standing to be the Privacy Officer of QCYC.

The Privacy Policy and the name and contact information of the Privacy Officer shall be displayed in the QCYC office and will be published in the Clipper and after any amendments to the Privacy Policy are approved or an appointment of a Privacy Officer is made by the Board.

The Board of QCYC shall institute procedures to ensure that Personal Information is protected against unauthorized use, disclosure, copying, modification or destruction. Personal Information shall be destroyed after an individual ceases to be a QCYC member or an employee of QCYC in accordance with procedures instituted by the Board of QCYC.

Any individual may, upon written request to the Privacy Officer, access the Personal Information of his or her own individual and correct errors in the information where the information is incomplete or inaccurate. The individual may also request disclosure of the uses and disclosures of the individual’s personal information.