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Women's Open Regatta (WOR) 2021 Registration


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This registrations covers the QCYC Women's Open Regatta 2021. A separate registration is needed for other QCYC Club events for 2021. A fully completed registration  for each separate event and annual acceptence of the QCYC Concussion Protocols by the Person(s) in Charge (PIC) and all crew are required before a sailboat will be scored in a QCYC racing event.

By registering electronically, I accept and confirm the following terms and conditions:

1.    I have and will have while racing, the necessary liability insurance on my sailboat as required by The Queen City Yacht Club (QCYC).
2.    I agree to comply and that my sailboat will comply with the combined Notice of Race (NoR) and Sailing Instructions (SIs) for this event. My attention has been drawn to RRS 3 Decision to Race and the of the Risk Statement in the NoR.
3.    I have completed or will complete the required items of the QCYC Concussion Management Policy and Concussion Codes of Conduct Information before the QCYC first race of the year that I plan to participate in. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION.
4.    I agree to comply and ensure my crew’s compliance with The Queen City Yacht Club (QCYC) protocols with respect to COVID-19.