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Senior membership at QCYC is a voting membership and is required for anyone who wishes to keep a boat in a mooring. The Senior Membership 'unit' applies to one person or to two people who are spouses.

Please contact our club office (applications@qcyc.ca) for more information. 

Below is a summary description of this membership category:


  • Senior members have full access to all club facilities, events, and meetings.
  • Senior members may request a mooring and a locker.
  • Senior members may nominate new members.
  • A Seniority number is assigned upon joining. The seniority number is used in the assignment of moorings and lockers.
  • Related children under 6** may travel free of charge on the Club Tender, when accompanied by the Senior member.
  • Senior members have a vote in club matters, and may hold a position on the Board of Directors.


There is one vote per Senior Membership 'unit'.

In the case of a Senior membership where two persons make up the membership unit, only one may be on the Board at any given time.

Fees for 2024:

Initiation Fee (one-time)





for boats less than 29 feet

for boats 29 feet to less than 35 feet

for boats 35 feet to less than 40 feet

for boats 40 feet and above

Annual Dues


Includes unlimited travel on club tender for one adult

Mooring Fees 

$97/beam foot

Priced for standard mooring. Includes electricity, water, pump-outs

Finger Dock Usage Fee (if applicable)



for 18 inch wide dock

for 36 inch wide dock

Finger Dock Width Fee (if applicable) $97/foot Applied to half the width of the dock (either 0.75 or 1.5 feet)

Winter Storage

$2.80 per square foot per season (length X width)

Includes haul out and launch

Minimum Billing

$230 per year

Used to purchase tickets for social events

Optional Annual Costs:

Family Tender Pass


Includes a second tender pass for the other Spousal Unit Member as well as membership and tender passes for all related children 17 and under.



Annual fee for regular storage locker

Double Locker


Annual fee for double locker (limited availability)

Summer Storage

$2.80 per square foot per season (length X width)


Mast Storage without Boat Storage




  • Queen City is a self-help club. Each Senior Membership 'unit' is required to provide a minimum of 12 contribution hours per year. Hours not fulfilled are charged at $80 per hour.
  •  Senior members are also expected to help with launch & haul-out of the boats, in the spring and fall. These hours do not qualify as contribution hours.


* HST applies to all charges except minimum billing

** On January 1 of respective year

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