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How to Join

We welcome new members – with and without boats. Joining is easy!

Step 1: Select your membership category – Senior, Dry Sail, Associate or Student. Read more about each category here.

Step 2: Email the membership chair for a quote. Email

Step 3: Fill out the application form found here.

Step 4: Have two current Senior members sign your application. Don’t know any current members – that’s OK. The membership chair will arrange for you to meet some.

Step 5: Mail your application and payment to:
Box 401, Station A
Toronto, ON
M5W 1C2

Easy Payment Plans

We will accept Master Card and Visa for your initial payment and we split your Club fees into spring and fall billings to make them more affordable. The Membership Chair is always open to discussion of special arrangements.       
Contact our Membership Chair, Sandy Mandel, at or our club office at 416-203-0929 or

Formal Acceptance

Once their payment is received, prospective members can begin to immediately use the club’s facilities. Formal acceptance of membership follows publication of the application in our club newsletter and approval of the application of our Board of Directors. This process can take a couple of months. The membership chair will notify you when it is complete.