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Visitors Mooring

Queen City Yacht Club is a small self-help club and a desirable destination point for many yachts.  In spirit, Queen City Yacht Club supports the concept of sharing our facilities with reciprocating Yacht Clubs everywhere.  As such we have established ourselves as a “True Reciprocal” club. A visiting yacht will receive what the visiting yacht’s home yacht club provides to a visiting QCYC yacht.  In the case of another true reciprocal club, the default is three nights free, for a maximum of three nights per visit. List of Reciprocal Yacht Clubs.

 Due to our size constraints and popularity (we welcome approximately 600 visitors per season) we do ask that visitors respect a few limitations:

  1. QCYC does not have the facilities to accept or manage reservations.We ask that a visitor always identify themselves by flying their club Burgee when entering our lagoon and show their Club Membership card when signing in for overnight stays.  A membership card is considered to be the only valid proof of membership.
  2. Except in exceptional circumstances, we ask that visitors limit their stay to no more than three consecutive nights and no more than two visits per year.
  3. Checkout time is 12:00 noon.
  4. Queen City Yacht Club limits these privileges to other Yacht Clubs with which we have reciprocal privileges.

Visitors Brochure in PDF format

Layout of Lagoon Moorings and Docks


QCYC does not have the facilities to accept or manage reservations.

QCYC monitors VHF channel 68

Officers of the Day

An Officer of the Day will be available on the following schedule:

Fridays - 16:00 to 21:00

Saturdays - 10:00 to 19:00

Sundays - 09:00 to 17:00

Holidays will follow Sunday hours.

Try to schedule your arrival between these times for best service.

Officers of the Day are club members and not paid staff. On a busy weekend they appreciate your patience.

The OD will be located near the club house or they will be assisting another boat. Hove to or tie up at the reporting station adjacent to the club house (do not proceed down the lagoon) and the OD will find and accommodate you. Our Mediterranean style of mooring requires time and help to get you settled, your patience is appreciated.

Weekday Visitors should check in with the Office to be assigned a mooring, if the office is closed the Tender Captain will assist you.

Upon arrival visiting skippers should

  • Always fly the burgee of your Yacht Club so you are easily recognized
  • Tie up at the reporting station near the club house, or come within hail of the Officer of the Day so a mooring can be assigned to you. You may need to cut your engine or assign a crew member to assist with clear communication.
  • Show your club card to the Officer of the Day or to the Office Manager.
  • Pay any applicable mooring fees in advance when registering
  • Guests and visiting skippers should also sign into the visitor's book located in the restaurant if you plan to eat or drink there.
  • We ask our visitors to limit their stay to three nights, weather permitting. Any longer stay must be approved and is at the discretion of Queen City.
  • Visiting US skippers who have not already reported into customs should tie up and must report in before any crew or guests disembark. Do this before proceeding to you assigned mooring.
  • Power. If you don't have a "pig tail" that fits our system, please inquire at the office and we will to arrange one. Please return it to the OD or office.

Please respect our mooring facilities:

  • Check out time is 12:00 pm. Check out with the OD or the office please.
  • The OD may have to move your mooring.
  • There is no overnight mooring at the pump-out dock.
  • There is no overnight mooring at the dry sail dock.
  • There is no overnight mooring at the mast-crane dock

Welcome to Queen City. Relax and enjoy our facilities.

Our Restaurant

Our Restaurant is excellent and offers a varied menu. No reservations are required. Weekends and Holidays, breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. The dinner is available during the week, see schedule(except Mondays). The bar is open longer hours and the Great Hall and balcony are great places to watch the sun set over the city.

We ask that you do not bring your own alcoholic beverages into licensed rooms and that no food be brought into the area the restaurant serves.



Washrooms are located on the main level at the west side of the building and are open 24 hours a day through the outside doors.

Laundry facilities are between the men's washroom and the "Snug" on the main level, west side.

Ice is available in on the end of the first locker block south of the dinghy shed and dry-sail crane. Place coins in the honour box provided.

Pumpout is available for a $25 fee, payable in the office.



Transportation to and from the City. Our club tender, the Algonquin Queen maintains a regular schedule. The city ferry runs from the dock on Ward's Island (opposite the club to the east) and the schedule is posted.

At other times, you can call the water taxi at 416-203-TAXI.

Help us keep the club a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.

We would appreciate the cooperation of our visitors in:

  • Supervising children at all times, please keep them out of the cradle area as it is dangerous.
  • Don't leave pets unattended and keep dogs on short leads on the club grounds and clean up after them. No pets in the clubhouse please.
  • Visitors should dress and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Shoes must be worne in the Great Hall and no tank tops (men).
  • Recycling bottles and cans in the containers provided
  • Leaving behind a minimum of garbage as the club now has to pay for disposal
  • Supporting our environmental policies.

Queen City is not responsible for any loss or damage to property or injury to individuals visiting the club.

Join in our events

We have a full schedule of social events and would be delighted to have you join in. Ask what's on! Tickets are available at the office or at the door where applicable. There are theme nights, special events and informal get together; you will find the members helpful and welcoming.