Club Contacts

Board of Directors


Commodore: Jacqui Cook
Vice Commodore: Genia Vanderkruk
Rear Commodore: Graham Dougall
Fleet Captain: Keith Aldridge
Treasurer: Russell Sergiades
House Chair: Thomas King
Secretary: Nansi Thomas
Communications Chair: Mark MacRae
Entertainment Chair: Keith Nunn
Grounds Chair: Joanna Kidd
Learn to Sail: Robert Eckersley
Membership Chair: Sandy Mandel
Moorings Chair: Andy Oakes
Planning Chair: Martin Hodgkinson
Yard Chair: Trevor Brisco
Past Commodore: Ron Mazza

Club Office

Mailing Address:

Queen City Yacht Club
P.O. Box 401, Station 'A'
Toronto, ON, M5W 1C2

Phone Numbers & Email:

Office : 416-203-0929
Fax : 416-203-0931
Email : office@qcyc.ca